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About Us

Tucked away in a building behind the Lynwood Shopping Center, The Red Canary is a full-service salon with 3 hairstylists and a massage therapist! 

Meet our fabulous staff and join in the conversation or just relax and enjoy while we make you look and feel amazing!

Why "The Red Canary"?

"The Red Canary" Playbill!
Opera ad from a 1920s newspaper
First Page of the Playbill
Second page music sheet
Third page of music sheet

When Sheila opened the salon 12 years ago, it was a surprise to everyone  ~ even her! She wasn't expecting to buy a salon when she walked in the building but saw an opportunity and went for it! But then came the hard part ... What should she call it?

"My son asked me what my favorite color is and I said red and yellow. He said, 'Canary's are yellow.' So I said, 'Well, let's see if there's a red canary, so we looked it up and found out that there is a red canary, but it was the first genetically engineered animal.'


Pretty cool thing to find out as a color artist herself!

Looking further into the world of Internet browsers, Sheila and her family also discovered there was an opera in 1914 called "The Red Canary".


This opera featured a beautiful playbill character - which Sheila was lucky enough

to procure for The Red Canary logo!

For Your Jeopardy Nights!

In 1914, a musical called "The Red Canary" was featured on Broadway!

During the 1870s, breeders fed canaries red peppers to turn them orange.

Late 2020, Rachel McDaniel wrote a historical mystery romance featuring a red-headed singer in a 1920s speakeasy called ~ you guessed it ~ "The Red Canary".

The red canary was created by breeding the now-endangered Venezuelan red siskin 

and the yellow domestic canary.

Owners of red canaries can influence the color tone of the bird by feeding it things like carrots, paprika, cherries, red peppers, beets and yams, and any other orange and red natural foods.

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